Basic Salary: $1,297,030.00 - $1,606,255.00 per annum, plus applicable allowance.



Under the direct supervision of the Senior Compliance & Enforcement Officer, the incumbent is responsible for enforcing the legislation of the Agency for the prevention, detection, control, and mitigation of illegal and impermissible activities on Forest Reserves, Forest Management areas and all Crown Lands managed by the Agency in accordance with the provisions of the Forestry Act, the Forest Regulations, and other forest-related natural resources and environmental Acts and Regulations.






§  Obtains from the Senior Enforcement & Compliance Officer, schedules and guidelines for undertaking duties assigned;




§  Patrol Forest Reserves, Crown Lands managed by the Agency, Forest Management Areas (where applicable), National Parks, Watersheds, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Forest Management, Conservation, and Protected areas;

§  Monitors the activities of unauthorized persons on the Forest Reserves and Crown Lands managed by the Agency to prevent squatting and other illegal activities;

§  Removes or assists with the removal, from Forest Reserves and Crown Lands managed by the Agency, or persons intending to squat, before they are settled;

§  Investigates all offenses defined under the Forest Act and/or Forest Regulations that are detected and takes/follow up on the necessary remedial action to prevent degradation of the environment within the forested areas managed by the Agency;

§  Liaises closely with Forest Technicians within the Region/Zone to discuss matters of mutual interest; and liaising, also, with other Enforcement personnel employed to other Government agencies concerned with the conservation of the environment;

§  Interfaces with representatives of the local community within the Region in order to encourage, develop and maintain the community's interest in conserving and protecting the environment;

§  Educates and informs the private forest owners on forestry and environmental matters;

§  Support the efforts of Government agencies to protect the environment, and the areas of Crown land which are forested in general;

§  Reports to the Senior Enforcement & Compliance Officer using the prescribed offense reporting forms, all illegal activities detected, and assists with subsequent investigation and follow-up actions to curtail and resolve the illegal activities as appropriate under the various Acts and Regulations.

§  Attends court hearings, as required, to give evidence in connection with offenses detected and/or investigated;

§  Patrols areas of assignment in accordance with patrolling plans, work plans, and itineraries provided and ensures that forest boundaries are kept open and boundary monuments remain intact;

§  Identifies and reports incidences of up-rooted monuments; and following up on replacements where appropriate;

§  Protecting threatened and endangered

§  Works with assigned personnel to clear blocked or establish new boundaries and to identify original boundaries during disputes; and

§  Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.


Required Competencies: 


The post-holder will be able to demonstrate:



§  Ability to use own instinct effectively;

§  Ability to effect enforcement skills and techniques;

§  Knowledge of forest survival skills;

§  Proficient knowledge of fire laws and regulations;

§  Proficient computer skills;



§  Highly self-motivated;

§  Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written;

§  Ability to work well as a team;

§  Good moral character;

§  Ability to manage limited resources in order to achieve challenging output targets;

§  Sound personal and professional integrity;

§  Excellent customer orientation skills;


Other requirements  

§  Physically fit and strong, with sound navigational skills;

§  Undeterred by working during extreme weather conditions, on rough terrain, and in hazardous and dangerous conditions.

§  May be required to use a motorcycle to travel, subject to licensing and training




§   Associate Degree in Agriculture Sciences, Environmental Science or related area

§  Two (2) years field experience OR

§  Any other acceptable combination of qualification and experience

§  Possession of a license to operate motorcycles would be an asset



§  Will be required to work in remote areas;

§  Will be required to travel island-wide on a regular basis; 

§  Will be required to traverse and patrol the forests;

§  May encounter dangerous and life-threatening situations;

§  May be required to work extended hours and on short notice;

§  May be required to work on weekends. 


Applications along with résumés should be submitted no later than Friday, July 1, 2022, to: 


Senior Director,

Human Resource Management & Development

Forestry Department

173 Constant Spring Road

Kingston 8



We thank all persons who express an interest; however, only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Basic Salary: $2,955,612.00 - $3,679482.00 per annum, plus applicable allowance
Under the direction of the Principal Director, Forest Science and Technology Services developing and executing protocols and procedures to support the Agency’s reforestation, plantation management and forest product extraction programmes/plans.    The incumbent develops initiatives to enhance the sustainable management of natural forests with considerations made for improving forest health, forest ecology and genetics. The incumbent also develops initiatives to enhance the sustainable management of plantations to include improvement of standing stocks, control of disease and invasives, replacement of species, culling and other silvicultural practices as necessary. The technical and scientific aspects of the production of quality seeds and germination protocols also falls under the remit of this post.
Management/ Administrative Responsibilities
  Oversees the design, development, and maintenance of a Forest Information Management System to include information on reforestation activities, performance parameters, periods of interventions, survivability, species mixes etc.; 
Develops strategies, goals and plans for the Agency’s planting, harvesting and maintenance programmes within forest management units;
Develops and executes capacity improvement/ enhancement initiatives for the discipline of silviculture within the Branch and throughout the entire Agency as needed;  
Mentors, monitors and evaluates direct reports and manages their performance to enable optimal outputs;
Directs/Supervises the work of staff and ensures that duties are performed accurately, in a timely manner, efficiently and effectively;
Implements the Agency’s PMAS in force at the time to ensure full compliance with  Agency standards;
Designs and implements protocols to ensure that there is a comprehensive and searchable archive of all things related to the silviculture activities of the Agency, accessible by relevant personnel;
Prepares, monitors performance against annual plans and budgets for the Branch in accordance with establish goals/targets for the Agency and Division;
Participates in the Agency recruitment process, training programmes or public education and sensitization activities as required;
Coordinates strategy sessions in Branch to inform participation in Divisional and Agency strategic planning activities towards the development of Agency plans and projects;
Represents the Agency at local, regional and international meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and other functions as required;
Mediates disputes and resolves conflict among junior staff, ensuring proper documentation of issues, concerns and outcomes;
Utilize risk management frameworks-conduct risk assessments to manage performance.

Technical/ Professional Responsibilities
Strategic/ Administrative Support
Provides professional forest health and forest ecology guidance and assistance;
Ensures that appropriate conservation strategies are in place for the protection of threatened and endangered species;
Ensures an integrated approach to sustainable forest management that sustains ecological diversity and species habitat;
Develops silvicultural standards, guidelines, and methodologies for stand improvement, reforestation, tree improvement, thinning, pruning, control of diseases, elimination of undesirable species, and weed control;
Collaborates with the Research and Applied Forest Science arms of the Agency on matters of forest research policies, programs and plans;
Collaborate with the Research and Applied Forest Science arms of Agency and external collaborators on studies related to plant/seed processes – such as reproduction, water, and nutrient relationships, wood formation, and root development – as a key method of increasing the Agency’s understanding of the establishment and growth of forest trees and shrubs;
Ensures the continuous improvement of silvicultural guidance provided through the appropriate and systematic collection and analysis of silvicultural data and information by, inter alia:
i. Ensuring that the regeneration potential of natural forests, and the dynamics of stand development and growth rates are assessed; 
ii. Ensuring that detailed historical plantation information is made available for future analysis to determine the suitability and potential of artificial regeneration methodologies; 
iii. Evaluating the growth and development of tree species in response to a variety of silvicultural practices that include site preparation, planting density, fertilization, pre-commercial thinning, pruning, commercial thinning, and a variety of regeneration and harvest strategies;
iv. Developing and evaluating a wide range of silvicultural systems to meet diverse management goals and land use alternatives;
v. Developing more efficient methods to collect tree, stand, and landscape, level data for the design of forest operations and modelling of stand dynamics for a wide range of silvicultural practices and regimes;
vi. Investigating the effects of forest operations and management activities on long-term site productivity including nutrient cycling, changes in soil conditions, and vegetation responses;
vii. The development of production and management systems for non-timber forest products e.g. fuel wood, roots etc.
Develops, investigates, recommends, and adopts advanced technologies that allow for better design, implementation, and monitoring of forest operations and their impacts;
Supports the provision and administration of silvicultural guidance/oversight to all the Agency’s programs as required;
Keeps abreast of developments, changes, and international best practices that may materially impact the Agency’s initiatives to achieve sustainable forest management;
Any other related duties required by the Agency
Required Competencies: 
The post-holder will be able to demonstrate: 
Excellent knowledge of forestry science applicable to a wide range of silvicultural activities;
Knowledge and application experience of principles of forest related ecology, entomology, hydrology, soils and climate, plant pathology, wildlife biology, and genetics;
Excellent leadership and management skills;
Knowledge of research and development;
Knowledge of forest field equipment and processes;
Knowledge of timber markets and forestry as a business;
Knowledge of sustainable forest management, harvesting and processing methods;
Sound analytical and strategic thinking;
Strong customer orientation skills;
Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
Strong leadership skills and a proven ability to motivate teams to high levels of performance and productivity;
Ability to build and maintain partnerships to achieve operational goals;

Post graduate degree in Forestry/Natural or Environmental Sciences or Management or related area; 
Specialised training and experience in Silviculture;
A working knowledge of Project Management and Planning Techniques;
Advanced knowledge of forest management and soil conservation;
Management Development Training;
Five (5) years’ field experience with at least two (2) in a supervisory role;


Any other acceptable combination of academic qualification and field experience, a minimum of five (5) years’ experience with a minimum of (two) 2 years in a Supervisory position.
Certification in Supervisory Management, Project Management and Strategic Planning.

Applications along with résumés should be submitted no later than Friday, July 1, 2022 to:  

Senior Director,
Human Resource Management & Development
Forestry Department
173 Constant Spring Road
Kingston 8

We thank all persons who express an interest; however, only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Basic Salary: $2,309,166.00 - $2,871,423.00 per annum, plus applicable allowance

Working closely with the Senior Legal Officer and the Legal Officer in the Legal and Enforcement Division as well as other key members of the Agency’s Management Team, the incumbent will support the delivery of legislative outputs within the Agency; provide or obtain quality legal advice to assist the staff to make informed decisions in support of the Agency’s objectives; assists the CEO, Principal Directors and members of the Management team to prepare for events/developments with potential legal consequences; advises on risk management issues; and liaises with the Clerks of the Court and other court related personnel to effect prosecution of offences under the Forest Act.   Additionally, the Contractor will be required to assist with the completion of activities related to the process to amend the Forest Act (1996) and the Forest Regulations (2001); and attend identified components of the Forest Law Enforcement Training Programme.

The incumbent will be expected to undertake certain key tasks, described below, in order to meet the objectives outlined above in Part 2 of this Terms of Reference.
Prepare legal opinions on matters related to / affecting the operations of the Agency;
Analyze and formulate legal strategies and arguments to employ in the prosecution and defense of legal cases under the Forest Act or other legislation respectively; 
Conducts research and advise the members of the Legal and Enforcement Division on legal issues and questions related to, Forest Act, Forest Regulations, compliance, as well as other legal matters; 
Participate in seminars and training programmes to educate enforcement officers of the Forestry Department and other Government Agencies; 
Assist with the development of contracts, Memoranda of Understanding / Agreement, permits and / or licenses and other legal documents;
Generate letters and other written responses on behalf of the Agency;
Attends court and provide legal representation for the Forestry Department in matters arising under the Forest act and regulations and any other relevant environmental laws or other legal proceedings; 
Prepares case briefs for submission to the Director of Public Prosecutions/Attorney General’s Chambers; 
Draft and review legal documents used by the Forestry Department; 
Review draft  legislations and policy documents from entities external to the Agency;
Oversee the Agency’s Permit and License Register;
Participate in workshops and community meetings; and
Collates information on identified areas of interest to the Agency for use in promotional activities.

Work plans detailing the targets and standards for the execution of activities Work Plan identifying outputs, measures, standards and required resources completed within the first ten (10) days of contract commencement
Monthly progress reports and other related/requested reports Reports highlighting the status of key objectives are produced in conformance to reporting standards and within established timelines

Bachelor of Laws;
Sound Knowledge of Forest Legislation, International Environmental Law, Environmental Law, Administrative Law; 
Arbitration and Negotiation Techniques, Legal Drafting, Company Law and Practice; 
Litigation experience would be an asset; 
Practicing Certificate from the General Legal Council.
Required Competencies:
Excellent  oral, written and presentation skills;
A keen eye for detail;
Result and team oriented;
Display initiative, flexibility, and ingenuity while maintaining the integrity;
Demonstrates accountability and transparency;
Have excellent written and communications skills;
Sound time management;
Ability to work with minimal supervision.

The main location of the assignment will be at the Forestry Department Head Office- 173 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8.  

The assignment is to be completed within five (5) months following the inception of the contract.

The incumbent is required to comment on any potential conflicts of interest arising out of other assignments or a conflicting involvement in other assignments.

The incumbent agrees to keep confidential all information that they receive, directly or indirectly, from Forestry Department or any other stakeholder, as well as all copies that they make, or have been made by third parties, on the basis of such information (collectively, the Material). The incumbent shall use the Material exclusively for the purpose of preparing deliverables relevant to this assignment. The confidentiality obligations shall not apply to information in the public domain. The incumbent shall only permit access to the Material to persons within their organisations on a need-to-know basis. The incumbent shall explicitly inform such persons of the confidential nature of the Material and, prior to providing them the Material, subject them to the confidential obligations contained in this Terms of Reference.

Applications along with résumés should be submitted no later than Friday, July 1, 2022 to:  

Senior Director,
Human Resource Management & Development 
Forestry Department
173 Constant Spring Road
Kingston 8

We thank all persons who express an interest; however, only short-listed applicants will be contacted.