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If you're into Christmas décor, you know nothing says Christmas better than a good old Christmas tree! The battle is usually between the size of the tree and most importantly, whether it's real or artificial. You may be asking yourself, why should I get a natural Christmas tree but the real question is, why shouldn't you? Here are three reasons why you should most definitely get a real Christmas tree.

1. Smells like Christmas

Christmas is not just about the decorations and carols, it's also about the aromas from the fruitcake soaked with white rum, the perfectly fermented cup of sorrel, the gungo peas cooking down in the natural coconut milk, the smell of freshly made eggnog with a tups of cinnamon and of course the smell of freshly cut Christmas tree. You cannot buy this natural fresh pine scent in any supermarket; you can only get it from a real Christmas tree.           

2. Doesn't require storage space

When the last ornament is packed away and all the twinkling lights are taken down, do you have the space to store a Christmas tree? Probably not! That is something that you wouldn't need to worry about if you have a real Christmas tree. You can recycle your tree to use as mulch in your garden. The mulch decomposes to produce important nutrients for plants.

3. Perfect for recycling/Environmentally friendly

Above all, getting a real Christmas tree is the more environmentally-friendly choice. By comparison, artificial trees usually cannot be recycled because of the PVC and additional harmful materials in them plus they will never deteriorate thus sitting in landfills for hundreds of years. Real Christmas trees also reduce our carbon footprint. It's estimated that an artificial tree has a carbon footprint more than twice that of a real tree – an artificial tree would have to be reused for at least 10 Christmases to keep its environmental impact lower than that of an actual tree.

To further reduce your carbon footprint, you can consider getting a potted Christmas tree. Every Christmas, you will have your natural tree to decorate without having to acquire one that has been cut.

Now, go get your natural Christmas tree and happy decorating!

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