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In this urban tree feature, we will be highlighting the beautiful Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolio). Jacaranda is a gorgeous shade tree that is planted widely in urban areas, suitable for use as windbreaks and its timber is used in carpentry.

This tree has blue-violet coloured flowers which bloom in February, June and July each year. The tree’s height at maturity ranges from 10-20 metres and the time to maturity is approximately 7-14 years. Jacaranda is also adaptable to most areas, prefers well- drained soil and full sunlight.

Here are some tips to aid in caring for a Jacaranda tree:
1. Water once per day. It is recommended that watering is done in the early morning or late evenings.
2. Prune to maintain the desired shape and size.
3. In case of an attack by chewing insects, the plant may be treated with the Actara, Neem X or Pegasus insecticides. However, you must be guided by the manufacturers’ directions for use of the insecticides.

We hope that you find this information useful and that you share it with others as we encourage Jamaicans to plant, care for and enjoy the benefits of our beautiful urban trees.

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