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Forest Trek

Forest Trek 2024

General Information about Forest Trek 2024

 Seville Heritage Park

Hiking Scale of Difficulty


Anybody can do it


Must be reasonably fit, participants must be able-bodied and cannot have physical disabilities


Must be fit


Must be very fit

Level of Difficulty:

6- Must be reasonably fit, participants must be able-bodied and cannot have physical disabilities

Overview of Forest Trek 2024

Forest Trek 2024 will be held on Saturday, March 16 and is a 9km hike through the forests of the Seville Heritage Park in St. Ann. 


This year the Forestry Department offers two transportation options for participants who sign up for the group or individual packages.


1.     Transportation included


2.     Transportation excluded


Persons who choose the transportation-included option will be transported to Seville Heritage Park on the day.
Participants will meet the buses at the Forestry Department, 173 Constant Spring Road, St. Andrew, where parking is provided free of charge.

All hikers must gather at the Check Point located in the Parking Area at 5:30 a.m.
At the Check Point, participants will be boarded on buses and dispatched to Seville Heritage Park for the start of the hike.


Those who select the transportation-excluded option will meet us 8:00 a.m. at the parking lot near the startline at Seville Heritage Park. 

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History meets nature along this trail as you trek through the forests of the Seville Heritage Park in St. Ann, an archaeological site and former Taino settlement. Along the looped trail, you will see various ruins including  a historical water wheel which operated the sugar mill and supported the Seville Great House. 


Feel on top of the world with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and walk amongst towering trees and native flora in the moist forest. Trekkers will also pass by the NWC water catchment  and wet their feet in the beautiful white sand, Church River. As is customary, hikers will have opportunities to enrich the  environment by planting trees at designated points. 


Following last year’s hike, Forest Trek expands its family offerings by providing a special 1km Forest Funland Trail for children under 11 years old with fun and exciting activities. Trekkers as young as 11 years old may walk the 9km Forest Titans Trail through the forests of the Seville Heritage Park. After the hike, trekkers may have lunch and relax in the cool St. Ann hills or by the nearby river and take their chances at winning prizes before departing for the return journey. The children will be able to enjoy various games and activities in the Forest Funland at the Finish Line. 

Purpose of the Hike

The main aim of the hike is to increase public awareness and encourage a greater appreciation for forests in Jamaica. The Trek will take participants through the forests of the Seville Heritage Park and adjoining communities to see and experience its environment first-hand and also contribute to its resources by participating in a small tree-planting exercise.  

About the Seville Forest Estate 

The Seville Forest Estate is located in northern St. Ann near St. Ann’s Bay, consisting of 63.8 hectares of land. 


The forest estate is part of a larger forest cluster called Forest Management Unit #13, which provides significant environmental, economic, social, and cultural values to adjoining communities.  A prime example is the cultural Seville Heritage Park, operated as a heritage attraction by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust. The Heritage Park sits on a former sugar plantation, which was owned by Englishman Captain Richard Hemmings after Spain lost the war for Jamaica to Britain in 1660.   


The forest’s understory supports various species including native trees, such as the Silk Cotton tree, Jamaican Mahogany, Prickly Yellow, Cedar, Red Birch, ferns and Anchovy Pear which is an indicator of pristine water sources. Within the area are a water catchment and the Church River found in the Rio Bueno-White River Watershed Management Unit, which supplies water for St. Ann and St. Mary.


A forest management plan is being developed for the sustainable use and management of the forest cluster, including the Seville Forest Estate.

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