Pine Cones

Our pine cones are the product of the Caribbean Pine tree (Pinus caribaea).  The cones house the seeds before bursting open and dispersing them to ensure the tree reproduces.

The Forestry Department sells these pine cones for use by decorators or creative entrepreneurs or those inclined to art and craft. By far, we face the greatest demand at Christmas time, as pine cones are used by many in their décor, especially on Christmas trees.

Natural pine cones have a medium brown colour and are sold in packs of 10 for the price of $500 per pack. We also offer pine cones at a wholesale price of $450 each when purchasing twelve (12) or more packs.

Here is a little known fact about pine cones: if they get wet, they close up again. If this happens, just place them in the sun until they dry and reopen.

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