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The Forest Heroes Award recognises individuals and organisations for outstanding contributions to the development of the forest sector in Jamaica and support for achieving the Forestry Department’s (FD) mandate. The first staging of which was in 2013, when the Agency celebrated its 75th anniversary, and the second, in 2018, when the Agency celebrated its 80th year of existence. This staging in December 2022 is the Forestry Department’s third and will be among activities to celebrate the Agency’s 85th anniversary. 

The categories are:

1.    Forest Heroes in the categories of:

·         Local Forest Management Committee  

·         Private Forestry

·         Corporate

·         Media/Public Education

·         Non-Government Organization

2.    Forest Champion Award

3.    Forestry Business Leader award

4.    Lifetime Achievement Award

5.    Youth In Forestry Achievement Award


Below are the criteria for each category:

Forest Heroes in:                                                

A.      Local Forest Management Committee

·         Must be an established/registered Local Forest Management Committee  

·         Actively participated in the reforestation of degraded and denuded lands within their community.

·         Participates in and promotes sustainable forest use through livelihood activities within/for the community, such as apiculture, agroforestry, eco-tourism, and non-timber forest product enterprises.  

·         Promotes awareness and support for forests within the community

·         Mentors other community groups on best forest management practices

·         Nominees must have contributed to the forestry sector's development for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.

B. Private Forestry

·         Be a member of the Forestry Department’s Private Forestry Programme

·         Reforested more than 10 hectares of land under the programme

·         Demonstrated good forest management practices in the establishment and maintenance of the trees on the land in the programme (proof of established trees available)

·         Demonstrated good land management practices in the area (such as no use of harmful chemicals or fire in land preparations)

·         Promotes the private forestry programme to peers

·         Nominee must have b contributed to the forest sector's development for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.

C. Media/Public Education

§  Promotes public awareness about forests and their importance and value through the use of available media platforms, including social media, and provides consistent coverage for activities and issues related to the forestry sector

§  Promotes business opportunities and enterprises within the sector

§  Supports/ actively participates in national public awareness initiatives related to the forestry sector, such as the National Tree Planting Initiative, National Tree Planting Day and International Day of Forests

·         The nominee must have demonstrated consistent coverage of forestry-related issues for at least two (2) consecutive years.

Non-Government Organization

·         Must be an established/registered Community Based Organisation /Non-Governmental Organisation/ Service Organisation

·         Actively supported the reforestation of degraded and denuded lands

·         Supports the development of alternative livelihood activities within forest communities

·         Promotes awareness about the forests, their benefits and their importance

·         Encourages public participation in the conservation and protection of Jamaica’s forests and trees

·         Nominees must have contributed to the development of forested areas for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.


·         Supported initiatives to promote reforestation

·         Supported initiatives to encourage national participation in tree planting

·         Introduced operational initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of the organisation and or broader community

·         Promotes awareness about trees and forests, their benefits and their importance

·         Nominees must have contributed to the forest sector for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.

 Forest Champion Award

Recognises an individual who has demonstrated commitment, participation, and actions to enhance the forestry sector

·         Through actions, helped to preserve, restore and sustainably manage forests.

·         Advocates for positive action and support for forests and the forest sector

·         Introduces initiatives/ projects/ activities that contribute to the improvement of the forests/ forestry sector

·         Actively promotes and participates in tree-planting projects islandwide. 

·         Promotes awareness and support for forests

·         Mentors individuals or groups on best forest management practices

·         Demonstrated commitment to the development of forestry in Jamaica for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.

2.    Forestry Business Leader award

Recognises an outstanding business enterprise within the forest sector

·         Engages in sustainable business practices within the industry

·         Is a sustainable forest-based business such as apiculture, eco-tourism, agroforestry, sustainable timber harvesting, non-timber forest products   

·         Promotes awareness and support for forests/and or the sector

·         Encourages the development of talent within the industry through training, internship, mentorship

·         Nominees must have contributed to the forest sector for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.

  Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognises an outstanding leader in the forestry sector by way of the length of service or significance of the contribution made.

·         Must have been working in the forest sector for at least 15 years or whose contribution has been undeniably great.

·         Must not have been a previous recipient of this award

·         Demonstrates leadership, dedication and integrity in the role played within the sector

·         Introduced/ piloted an initiative or project to build/ improve the forest sector

·         Inspires others to participate in building the sector.

Youth in Forestry Achievement Award

Recognises a young person between 15-30 years old who is doing outstanding work in the forest sector.

·         Making a positive impact within the sector through research, innovation or business activities.

·         Developed innovative strategies to improve industries within the forest sector

·         Promotes awareness and support for forests within the community

·         The nominee must have contributed to the forestry sector’s development for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.

Nomination Process

Members of the Public (including Forestry Department Employees) may submit nominations for this award from November 8-November 18, 2022. Late nominations will not be considered. Nomination Forms may be accessed here: Nomination Form_Forest Heroes Awards 2022

The nomination must be submitted by completing the attached form. Printed forms may also be collected from the Administrative Support Officer/ Secretary within the respective Zones and Regions.  All nominations may be submitted to the Forest Heroes Awards Selection Committee via email: or by delivery to any of our offices in a sealed envelope. The subject of the email/envelope should be Forest Heroes Awards Nomination.

Refer to the overview and criteria section above to ensure the individuals/organisations nominated are eligible and meet the standard for these awards.

Selection of the Awardees

The final selection of Awardees will be made by a selection committee.

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