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Conservator of Forests and Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Department, Ainsley Henry said the global COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need for more green spaces, especially in urban communities, and Labour Day 2022 presents the optimal opportunity to create these spaces for the future. 

“Tree planting is an investment in our environment for the future and something that every Jamaican should participate in. In addition to being an essential food source, trees and shrubs improve soil and water conservation, store carbon, moderate local climate by providing shade, regulate temperature extremes, increase wildlife habitat and improve the land's capacity to adapt to climate change. As we observe Labour Day 2022, I want to encourage all Jamaicans to plant at least one tree as their investment in the future,” Henry shared.

With the National Tree Planting Initiative to plant three million trees in three years now in its final year, he said the Agency will be amplifying and expanding its distribution activities to ensure that all Jamaicans will have access to tree seedlings for their Labour Day tree planting activities. 

“Our nurseries at the Forestry Department Head Office in Kingston, Moneague, St Ann and Williamsfield in Manchester as well as our regional offices in Montego Bay and Port Antonio will be stocked with seedlings available to the public for Labour Day planting,” Henry said. 

He continued, “We are also continuing our partnership with Texaco Jamaica - GB Energy where we will be hosting pop up distribution events at several Texaco Jamaica service stations across the island over the coming weeks.”

People interested in accessing seedlings from the Forestry Department are invited to visit any of its locations starting Monday, May 16, 2022. Individuals or groups who are interested in planting 10 or more seedlings for Labour Day 2022 are asked to send an email to the Forestry Department at with their requests. 

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