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How are your potted Cupressus plants doing? Are they growing well for the fast-approaching Christmas season?

If you are concerned that your Cupressus is slanting a little to the side, you can fix this problem by staking the plant.
Staking supports the stem of the plant and forces it to grow upwards instead of slanting to the side.
Firstly, you will need a stake, and strong but soft material, such as fabric, rope or the strings of a tarpaulin or crocus bag. Ensure that the stake is straight and firm enough, otherwise the plant will continue to slant.
Secondly, plant the stake firmly into the soil and tie the stem of the Cupressus to it. Straighten the limbs of the plant where they have bent against the stake to prevent breakage.
Finally, watch as your Cupressus grows tall and straight!

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