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Message from the CEO & Conservator of Forests, Forestry Department

International Day of Forests

March 21, 2024

Our forests, the green lungs of the Earth, are today under threat like never before. Rapid deforestation, climate change, and unsustainable land management practices continue to put immense pressure on this vital ecosystem. However, amidst these challenges, innovation presents opportunities to address them. 

Throughout history, forests have always been a source of inspiration for humanity and through innovation we have sourced sustenance, shelter, health care, wellness and spiritual connection. Today, as we face a period of unprecedented environmental crises, we must harness the power of our imagination and innovation to protect, restore and preserve our forests for generations to come.

Innovation in forestry is not merely technological; it encompasses a holistic approach that integrates science, technology, policy, and community engagement. It's about finding creative solutions to complex problems and reimagining our relationship with nature.

The Forestry Department is working to facilitate the integration of this type of innovation into our mandate and our policy of sustainable forest management. From satellite imaging and monitoring systems that capture changes in land use, including forest and tree cover, we are delivering timely, more accurate data on the growth and loss of forest and tree cover and the drivers affecting them. This has allowed us to make more informed decisions and to be more targeted in expenditure of resources in the right areas to achieve better results. 

Moreover, innovation is driving progress in reforestation and afforestation efforts. With techniques like increasing native planting options, precision planting, social forestry and agroforestry, we are restoring degraded lands and creating resilient forest ecosystems that sequester carbon, mitigate climate change, increase resilience and provide habitat for biodiversity.

Beyond scientific and technological solutions, innovation in forestry encompasses innovative policies, financial mechanisms, and partnerships that promote sustainable forest management and empower local communities. By integrating indigenous knowledge and traditional practices with modern science, we can unlock new pathways for forest conservation and sustainable development.

But innovation alone is not enough. It must be accompanied by a strong national will/desire at all levels, international cooperation, and grassroots action. Governments, businesses, civil society, and individuals must come together to address the root causes of deforestation and promote innovative solutions at all levels.

Let us embrace the spirit of innovation as we strive to protect, conserve and restore our forests. Let us harness the power of human ingenuity to safeguard biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and secure the well-being of present and future generations. Starting today, we can together build a future where forests thrive and humanity lives in harmony with nature


Ainsley A. Henry, JP

CEO & Conservator of Forests

Forestry Department 

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