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In this urban tree feature, we will be highlighting the beautiful Duranta Gold (Duranta erecta).

Duranta Gold is a gorgeous ornamental shrub that is usually planted in pots and along fences as hedging. Its blossoms attract pollinators including bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

It is ideal for small spaces and can be grown in a pot, making it an option for persons with no yard space but who want to add trees to their surroundings.

This tree has violet-coloured flowers which bloom in April, May, and June each year. The tree’s height at maturity ranges from 3-6 metres and the time to maturity is approximately 3-4 years. Duranta Gold is also adaptable to most areas. It prefers rich, organic, loamy, well- drained soil and full sun to partial shade.

Here are some tips to aid in caring for the Duranta Gold:

1. Water the plant once per day. During the dry season, it is recommended that the plant is watered in the morning.

2. Prune to remove damaged, dead or diseased branches from the base of the shrub. Prune to also maintain a desirable shape and size.

3. In case of an attack by whiteflies cut off damaged leaves to prevent infestation of the plant. If there is an infestation, treat with Actara or Engeo insecticides.

Ensure you are guided by the manufacturers’ directions for use of these insecticides.

We hope that you find this information useful and that you share it with others as we encourage everyone to play their part and plant up Jamaica.

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