Training Facility

Rental of Training Facility

The Forestry Department’s training facility is located on the beautiful grounds of our head office at 173 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8. The facility seats 100 people theatre style but can be arranged in a variety of formats.

Among the activities that have been hosted at the training facility are training sessions and workshops, community meetings, launch ceremonies and even photo shoots.

The Forestry Department provides additional services such as the provision of a coffee break, and access to multimedia tools to make your event more interactive.  The training facility is wheelchair accessible and parking is available on the grounds.

The facility is available for rental Mondays to Fridays 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., and a flat rate of $15,000 per day is charged, before any requested add-on services are calculated.


  • Fifty (50) percent security deposit is required upon confirmation, and the balance is to be paid on ;before the activity/event
  • Cancellations will require a minimum of five (5) days’ notice before the date of the activity/event, and attract a five (5%) percent deduction
  • Weekend use will attract a further 15% additional cost (clean up activity costs)
  • Parking facilities are complimentary
  • Patio usage will incur a 10% additional cost

ITEM Cost per day
Training Facility (includes energy
costs, bathroom facilities, furniture,
Display boards  1,500 
Standing flip charts and markers  500 
Wi fi access  1,000 

Frequently asked questions

A booking must be made at least five (5) working days in advance of event.
Lectures, training sessions, meetings etc. Loud events such as parties will not be accommodated.
The facility will be made available once the date selected is available.