Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

We can:

  • Georeference your digital maps and aerial photos
  • Convert or scan your paper maps and geospatial images to a preferred digital format
  • Create custom maps
  • Geospatial Data Integration and Analysis

Image Solution Services


If you have paper maps that you want converted into digital formats, then ask about our scanning services. 


If you have an aerial photograph or a scanned map, it can be geo-referenced for overlay in any spatial interactive application (Google Earth, ArcGIS, AutoCAD)

Image Processing

We provide the following image processing services:

  • Image Analysis
  • Image Data Collection
  • Contour Generation
  • Ortho-Rectification and Image Mosaics
  • Photogrammetry services

Data and Mapping Services

Custom Map Design and Printing

We offer superior map designing services. Our capable GIS team can create maps with the required detail for a variety of purposes. For example, we can create maps showing your business locations or the concentration of schools in a particular community.

Data Format Conversion

If you have data from different sources that you need consolidated or integrated for further use, the Forestry Department’s data integration service is what you need.

Map Digitization

Do you have maps in hard copy, but wish you could benefit from additional analysis? Our map digitization product offers you the opportunity to convert your hard copy maps into a digital vector file complete with co-ordinates and other necessary information. These files will be ready for further GIS analysis if needed.

Geospatial Data Integration and Analysis

You can also access the following services, as part of our Geospatial Data Integration and Analysis product:

Mapping and analysis

  • Mapping and cartography
  • Spatial analysis and modelling
  • 3D/visualization

Data acquisition and processing

  • Database design and development for desktop, web and GIS
  • Data management
  • Data capture