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If on hearing the word ‘forestry’, you immediately thought, ‘trees’ or ‘greenery’, you would have correctly guessed the core function of Jamaica’s Forestry Department. The Agency is the Government organization responsible for the management and conservation of the country’s forest resources.

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News and Events

Farmers around Stephney-John's Vale forest reserve get training

Over 300 hundred farmers and residents living in and around the Stephney-John’s Vale Forest Reserve received training in the proper use and applica

Inter-American Development Bank Adopts 1.5 hectares of forest

The Inter-American Development Bank Family Association has committed itself to the establishment of 1.5 hectares of forest in the Wag Water Watershed Management Unit in West...

Stephney-John’s Vale forest reserve to get Management Plan

A forest management plan to ensure the conservation and protection of the Stephney-John’s Vale Forest Reserve, in St. Ann and Clarendon, is to be completed in March. This was...

Reforestation project launched for Stephney-John’s Vale Forest Reserve

A reforestation initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for the Stephney-John’s Vale forest reserve is to be undertaken in the next...


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