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Forestry Department to increase monitoring of forest reserves

The government is moving to step up its monitoring of forest reserves through initiatives to be introduced later this year. Speaking at the recent launch of the Spring Dunrobin and Hillside Local Forest Management Committees (LFMCs)... Read more

Dallas Castle get retaining wall under the Climate Change Project

A newly constructed retaining wall and river training works to reduce erosion of the August Hill Main Road in the Dallas Community in Upper St. Andrew was officially opened to the residents of the community. Read more

Constitution Hill residents happy for livelihood projects

The residents of Constitution Hill, St. Andrew have expressed gratitude for the establishment of an agroforestry livelihood programme and two apiaries in their community that will help to shift the mind-set of farmers. Read more

Cockpit Country Forest Management Plan launched

Two organizations and two individuals were designated Forest Heroes for their outstanding contributions to increasing, conserving and protecting Jamaica’s forests. Read more

Forestry Department launches forest offences hotline

In a move aimed at stepping up its protection of the island’s forests, the Forestry Department has launched a toll free, 24 hour hotline aimed at encouraging the public to report breaches of the forest laws.

The toll free number, 1-888- FORESTS (367-3787), which became operational on August 1,2013, is an avenue for members of the public to call in and report illegal activities such as cutting of trees, forest fires, pasturing of animals, illegal occupation or cultivation of crops. Read more

JMMB Adopts Bogue Hillside in Labour Day Project

The Jamaica Money Market Broker's (JMMB) is the latest, in a growing number of companies to participate in the Forestry Department's 'Adopt-A-Hillside' Corporate Reforestation Programme. Other participants include the Jamaica Public Service Company and Carreras.

The Adopt-A-Hillside programme provides corporate entities with an opportunity to actively participate in the reforestation of denuded areas within forest reserves or forest estates located on Crown lands across the island. Under the programme, businesses, both large and small, undertake to finance tree planting activities as well as the care of the trees planted for three years. In addition to exhibiting their commitment to the environmental wellness, businesses utilize the opportunity to enhance their corporate brand and image. Read more

Draft Forest Policy proposes regulated access for communities

A proposal under the Draft Forest Policy, if accepted by the legislature, could see the provision of regulated access to communities living on the fringe of the forests managed by the Forestry Department.

This is according to Honourable Robert Pickersgill, Minister of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change. He was while speaking at the launch of the Sawyers Local Forest Management Committee recently in Trelawny.

“Our energies must be focused on reforestation, not just in the Cockpit but in all reserves islandwide. That is why we have crafted a new Forest Policy for Jamaica which will give community stakeholders such as the Sawyers LFMC greater access to utilize our forest areas in a sustainable manner,” he said. Read more








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