Standing Timber

Our standing timber product is all about trees. When you purchase this product, you purchase the trees as they stand. You may either request a particular number of trees, or a board foot measurement. Upon receipt of your request, and successful application, we identify the area where the trees will be cut from and prepare your license.

With this product, customers are responsible for cutting and transporting the trees. Our most available species are Caribbean Pine, Blue Mahoe, Jamaican Mahogany and Honduras Mahogany.

When you purchase timber from the Forestry Department you can be sure that you are harvesting lumber in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. If you need guidance or want more information about the product and how to access it, contact us today.

Other Products


Our four nurseries across the island provide seedlings for the Agency's use, as well as for sale to the general public.

Potted Plants

You asked and we listened, stop by one of our nurseries and purchase one of our potted plants today.

Rental of Palms

We rent palms for events including weddings and parties. We have a variety of palms at very competitive prices.

Pine Cones

Natural and coloured Pine cones are available for sale during October-December yearly. They are ideal Christmas decorations for the home, offices and special events.

Christmas Trees

The Agency provides cut natural Christmas trees during the festive season for home and office décor at $800 per foot.

Manual of Dendrology

Dendrology is defined as the scientific study of trees, and our Manual of Dendrology is an essential tool for anyone interested in learning more about forest trees.