Bogue 2 Forest Reserve, St. Ann

Instructions: Complete the form by filling in or checking the boxes. This form along with the attached waiver should be completed and submitted. Incomplete forms will NOT be processed.


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Registration and Payment Instruction

1. Participants are required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee of $7500 per person.
2. Participants are responsible for their transportation to and from the location where parking will be provided near the start line.
3. Complete the FOREST TREK 2021 Weekender Registration Form online.
4. Print, complete, sign and submit the Participant Waiver Form. This should be submitted before or on the day of the event but before starting the hike.
5. Submit all completed forms with payment to: Forestry Department, 173 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8
6. Payments may also be made by Cash, Debit/Credit Card, or bank transfer (Account number available upon request). Fees must be paid to complete registration.
7. Payments to be made at the Forestry Department, 173 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8, Mondays-Thursday between 9:00am - 4:00pm and on Fridays 9:00am-3:00pm.
8. Please note that the protein you have selected for your lunch is final and cannot be changed once the form has been submitted.
9. Registration closes on Monday, July 26 or as soon as the maximum of 30 persons for each day has been registered.