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4 Tips on How to Care for your Potted Christmas Tree

You bought a potted Christmas tree but now you’re not sure how to take care of it. Here are four tips that you can follow to maintain a healthy potted Christmas tree.


Water your potted Christmas tree about three times per week on alternate days or just enough to keep the soil moist. More frequent watering may be necessary if your plant is located in a windy area.


While water is essential for the growth of your plant, adding fertiliser nourishes your potted Christmas tree, boosts its growth, maintains its health and gives the lush green colour you desire. MacroGrow and 20-20-20 are two recommended fertilisers. Be careful to follow the instructions on the package to achieve maximum benefits for your potted Christmas tree.


As your potted Christmas tree grows, the inverted conical shape becomes rough and uneven. In order to maintain the smooth conical shape you desire, prune your tree every six months.


As your tree gets larger it will likely outgrow the pot. When the root mass starts to curl up on the circumference of the pot then it’s time to transplant the tree to a larger pot.

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