Forest Trek 2014

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Saturday, April 26, 2014 - 06:00
Schwallenburg, St. Ann to Holly Mount, St. Catherine

Forest Trek 2014 is a 7km hike from Schwallenburgh, St. Ann (near Faith’s Pen) to the Holly Mount Great House, St. Catherine located over 2700 feet above sea level, offers a panoramic view of parts of St. Catherine and St. Ann. 

Hikers will walk through the Mount Diablo Forest Reserve up to the Great House and will be also be able to contribute to our reforestation drive by engaging in tree planting activities at a location close to the trail.  

After lunch and entertainment at the Great House, hikers will walk the 7km back to Schwallenburgh, all downhill for the return journey to Kingston. 

This trail takes you through thick natural forest which is home to many birds and other wildlife.  Holly Mount is one of the highest peaks in the parish of St. Catherine, sitting atop Mount Diablo which means Devil’s Mountain. Built by a man named Taylor in the eighteenth century, the Great House formed part of a plantation which grew various produce including coffee, ground provisions and pastured animals. The story is told that becauise of the altitude it was cold enough to plant English or American Oak, fir and cedars trees. The house is still standing and is well maintained and occupied by the owner as a weekend retreat.